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Large intake catchment Self-centring via the diagonal side surfaces of the engagement nipple screw, without the need for laborious searching anymore.
Swing-free Swing-free run-in and run-out through optimal contour of the clamping nipple.
Form fit The balls are optimally encapsulated on three sides. As a result, the clamping nipple always remains firmly clamped in the module.
Three-point principle Power transmission by means of the three-point principle, resulting in an optimised force distribution to prevent shearing load on the balls.
No ball cage The balls lie freely in the ball canal. This freedom of movement enables the balls to continuously re-position themselves.
Good holding, pull-in and locking forces
Blow out Our system has a pneumatic blow-out installed. As a result, chips and dirt on the inside are effectively blown out.
Large ball diameter Ball surface is 784% larger than with traditional ball systems.
Simple cleaning Our zero-point rapid clamping systems can be blown out very simply with a customary compressed air cleaning gun, without the need for complicated suctioning.
Safety system Guaranteed process reliability. Clamping module always opens – thus a piston blockade is impossible.
Stainless steel We use high alloy, hardened tool steel without the risk of corrosion.