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Data privacy declaration

Personal data

Personal data that you transmit electro­ni­cally on this website will only be used by us for the speci­fied purpose, stored securely and not passed on to third parties. Personal data are data such as name, e‑mail address, address or other personal details.

Data entered in forms

The data trans­mitted to us by our website visitors via forms (for example via the contact form) will be sent to us encrypted and used exclu­si­vely to process the respec­tive request. When website visitors leave form entries, their IP addresses are automa­ti­cally saved. This is for security, if someone autho­rizes unlawful content (insults, left-wing or far-right propa­ganda, hate posts, etc.). In this case, we are interested in the identity of the author.

To solve problems with the trans­mis­sion of emails, there may be activated an email-log. This log will be used to debug the problem and emails will be deleted daily.

Data storage on the server

The provider automa­ti­cally collects and stores infor­ma­tion on the web server. This includes the browser, opera­ting system, reference page, IP address, time of access, etc. used. These data cannot be assigned to specific persons without checking further data sources. These data are only evaluated by us if there is an illegal use of our website.

On this side a Firewall runs to the protec­tion against unaut­ho­rized accesses. In the event of an attempt to change, import or delete data, this firewall stores the IP address, the time of access and the method used for manipu­la­tion. These log files are stored within the website and automa­ti­cally deleted after 60 days. The data per se cannot be assigned to a specific person. The reten­tion period of 60 days was chosen to facili­tate recovery in the event of a successful hacking attack.


Cookies are small files that make it possible to store specific, user-related infor­ma­tion on the visitor’s computer during a visit to our website. On the one hand, cookies help to deter­mine the frequency of use and the number of users of our Internet pages. This is a possi­bi­lity that we do not actively use. On the other hand, cookies help us to make our services conve­nient and efficient for you.

Session cookies are used which are stored tempo­r­a­rily exclu­si­vely for the duration of your use of our website.

It is also possible to use our offers without cookies. You can deacti­vate the storage of cookies in your browser, restrict it to certain websites or set your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Micro­soft Edge, Firefox, …) so that it notifies you as soon as a cookie is sent. You can also delete cookies from your PC’s hard drive at any time. Please note, however, that deacti­vating cookies may result in a restricted display of the page and restricted user guidance.

Borlabs Cookie

This website uses a Borlabs Cookie, which sets a techni­cally neces­sary cookie (borlabs-cookie) to store your cookie preferences.

Borlabs Cookie does not collect any personal data.

The borlabs-cookie cookie stores the consent you have given when you entered the website. If you wish to revoke these consents, simply delete the cookie from your browser. If you re-enter/­reload the website, you will be asked again for your cookie consent.

Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps to display map infor­ma­tion. When Google Maps is used, cookies are set by Google. Google also collects, processes and uses data on the use of the Maps functions by visitors to the websites.  You can find more detailed infor­ma­tion about data proces­sing by Google in Google’s data protec­tion infor­ma­tion on Google Privacy Policy. There you can also change your settings in the data protec­tion centre so that you can manage and protect your data.

It is your decision, if you activate Google Maps or not. To change your decision please read the instruc­tions to Borlabs Cookie above. 

WPML – WordPress Multilanguage

WPML is a tool that makes it possible to display this website in several languages. To remember the language you have chosen, WPML sets a cookie on your computer. This is a so-called session cookie, which loses its validity after your visit. Infor­ma­tion on data protec­tion at WPML can be found on the WPML website.

Right to information

You have the right to infor­ma­tion about the data stored about your person, its origin and recipient as well as the purpose of storage. Further­more, you have the right to correc­tion, deletion, restric­tion, transfer and revoca­tion of this data.

If you have any questions, please contact Zero.Point.Systems, Günther Stark GmbH, Kommin­ger­straße 48, A‑6840 Götzis.