We manufac­ture the parts you need by subcontracting

Part manufac­tu­ring also in contract manufacturing

The consci­en­tious manufac­ture of parts is an important preli­mi­nary step for every produc­tion — because in this work step, too, the decisive course is set for a satis­fac­tory later function.

In order to guarantee this to us and our custo­mers in the best possible way, we manufac­ture all parts directly in-house. This gives us the project security that we and our company stand for. We also offer you the option of having the parts you need produced by us — regard­less of whether you purchase additional services or products from us.

our services for you

CNC turning

8 CNC lathes and additional conven­tional lathes are available for turning.

Steels, stain­less steels, aluminum, non-ferrous metals are processed.

CNC milling

CNC milling machines and additional conven­tional milling machines are available for milling.

Steels, stain­less steels, aluminum, non-ferrous metals are processed.

CNC grinding

Grinding on a workpiece usually takes place as one of the last machi­ning operations.

This proces­sing brings the finis­hing touch and enables the required surface quality, as well as the geome­tric accuracy. Here we ensure the highest repea­ta­bi­lity on our CNC cylind­rical grinding machines for grinding results up to 5 µm tolerance.

Proto­type construction

Our team from the Proto­type Construc­tion division plans and develops new technical products — from the idea to functional proto­types to series produc­tion. We see ourselves as an “external” process accele­rator in product develo­p­ment with core compe­ten­cies in pre-development.

Large and small series

Anyone who wants to lead a product idea to series produc­tion in the foreseeable future is in a conflic­ting situa­tion: on the one hand, the design must be imple­mented as soon as possible in order to demons­trate market presence, on the other hand, prema­ture decis­ions in the toolma­king sector can sometimes increase project costs and runtimes. This is exactly where we start and offer tailor-made solutions — for both large and small series.

Quality Assurance

Our quick release systems combined with the offer for customer-specific design and manufac­ture require efficient in-house quality assurance.

In this way, we offer our custo­mers a conti­nuous process chain from design to produc­tion and quality assurance.

Laser marking

Laser marking and marking is suitable for almost all materials and shapes for marking, marking and engraving.

Steel, stain­less steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals are labeled.

Pouch packa­ging

Thanks to our bag packa­ging machine, we offer ziplock bags in indivi­dual sizes.

So we always deliver your products perfectly labeled and packaged.